Cloud Robotics

I'd like to see the state of cloud robotics evolve to where heterogenous robots can communicate, learn, and/or share knowledge freely on the internet.

Human-Robot Interaction

The introduction of the cloud and internet to robots will require new research in human-robot interaction that is scalable for both parties.

Previous Projects and Publications

Natural Language Communication
using Semantic Mapping

This project uses semantic maps to communicate intelligently about robot, object, and viewpoint locations.

Comparison of electromagnetic
side-channel energy available to
the attacker from different
computer systems

This work measured EM side-channels from FPGAs to investigate the possible exploits available to hackers and inform software programmers and hardware architects about such weaknesses.

Whitespaces after the USA's TV
incentive auction: A spectrum
reallocation case study

This work speculated the effects to whitespaces caused by an incentive auction. I wrote software that used boolean satisfiability to generate data for the study.