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The Legend of Adam DeBruler

A Picture of Adam

About the Legend

Adam DeBruler is so legendary that his legend is named after him and not the many beautiful princesses he has saved.
He is named after the man for whom God made women, but he is the man for whom women thank God.
He is guaranteed to know more about Zelda and Metroid than you, but that is probably just because he has beaten every Zelda and Metroid game.
His ocarina of choice is a Rupee pendant, and he has enough ocarinas that identifying one as his "choice" is significant.
He played bass for the Alpha Males... with his voice.
He competed nationally in Humorous Interpretation for playing 10 characters in under 10 minutes.
He wins globally every day for playing himself for 24 hours.
His sideburns relieve stress upon sight.
He congratulated Georgia Tech upon his acceptance.
He is the most legendary man in the world.

The Obligatory Table

The best webcomic ever. The most over-rated webcomic ever.
Is it Christmas? Will it be red or blue?
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