Abhijit Suprem

PhD Student
College of Computing
Georgia Tech

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My name is Abhijit Suprem. I am a first year PhD student in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. I work on Visual and Data Analytics, with a focus on Visual Analytics at scale.

As an MS student at Columbia University, I had the chance to experience firsthand the rapid pace of research in data analytics, from data collection to data cleaning and integration to analysis with machine learning (and more recently deep learning), to, last but definitely not least, visualization. I am interested in leveraging my experience in machine learning, deep learning, and data analytics towards conducting interdisciplinary research on visual analytics at scale.

Following are a brief list of my ongoing projects:

  • Climate Change Visualization:
    This is a project for my Information Visualization course (CS7450) at Georgia Tech. We are working on an interactive visualization of the effects and costs of climate change. Since climate change is a slow process - far slower than we can consciously perceive - useful visualizations can help serve as learning tools, policy evidences, and visual aids for data survey.
  • US County Development Analysis:
    This is a project for my Data and Visual Analytics course (CSE6242) at Georgia Tech. We are looking at various county-level census data such as demographics, education, and socioeconomics to find analytics for public policy and social journalism. This project is in its early stage; our plan is to incorporate visual tools to better help users determine correlative factors in such county development attributes as median income, high school graduation, adult mortality, etc.
  • Approximate Matching:
    This is a project I am working on under Dr. Polo Chau in a Special Problems course (CS8903) at Georgia Tech. I am exploring and implementing approximate matching in graph search in context of subgraph retrieval.
  • Deep Learning Network Visualization:
    This is a CS7001 (Intro to PhD) Mini-Project under Dr. Alex Endert. My work is on developing a visual aid for deep learning models to better understand data propagation within the model. This is an early stage project that could have iteresting implications for deep network analysis, troubleshooting, and fine-tuning.


PhD in Computer Science

School of Computer Science
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
CS8903 Project Advisor: Dr. Polo Chau
CS7001 Mini-Project Advisor: Dr. Alex Endert

MS in Computer Science, (graduated in May 2017)

Department of Computer Science
The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Columbia University
Track: Machine Learning

BS in Electrical Engineering, (graduated in May 2016, cum laude)

Smittcamp Honors College
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
California State University, Fresno
Major: Electrical Engineering (Honors)
Minor: Computer Engineering
Minor: Mathematics


Here is a link to my CV.