<!-- some use of HTML and CSS --> <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/01start.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> {(set: $G to 0) <!-- Guinness's happiness. Happiness is a hidden variable. Also modified by a lot of decisions.--> (set: $K to 0) <!-- Kahlua's happinness. Did I say decisions?--> (set: $energy to 10) <!-- Energy is the visible variable that goes down as you take actions. It goes down at a faster rate if you're carrying your bag through the night. When it goes to 0 the game ends --> (set: $gpet to 0) (set: $kpet to 0) (set: $bag to 0) (set: $kfood to 0) (set: $cfood to 0) (set: $food to 0) (set: $selffood to 0) (set: $book to 0) (set: $pguinness to 0) <!-- resetting all the variables for replay--> (set: $food to 0) (set: $pkahlua to 0) (set: $game to 0) (set: $tkahlua to 0) (set: $homework to 0)} You arrive home after a long day at school. As you open your door your cats, Guinness and Kahlua, rush towards you, meowing lowdly. You are tired but you know you should pay attention to them, or bad things could happen. What do you want to do? [[Pet Guinness]] [[Pet Kahlua]] [[Go drop your laptop bag in your room]] energy: (print: $energy) <!--enegy is modified by tons of decisions --> <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/02petg.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You bend down to pet your short-haired cat, Guinness. He receives your pets with dignity, glad to see that you recognize the majesty of his existence. You get back up. [[Next]] {(if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $gpet to 1) (set: $G to $G+1)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/03petp.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You bend down to pet your fluffy cat, Kahlua. She rubs against your hand repeatedly and meows loudly, clearly enthusiastic about your attention. Suddenly, she bites your hand and runs away. You get back up. [[Next]] (if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $kpet to 1) (set: $K to $K+1) <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/04bag.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You go to your room with your heavy bag, while your cats follow you. You drop your heavy laptop bag on the bed, uttering a loud sigh of relief. Everything seems easier now. [[Next]] {(set: $bag to 1) <!-- dropping off the bag as soon as possible is essential in order to get the happiest ending --> (set: $energy to $energy -1)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/05kibble.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> (if: $food is 0)[ You go to the kitchen and open the cat food bag. As they notice what you are doing, your cats stare at you expectantly, waiting by their food bowls. You give them food, and they happily start eating, ignoring you for a while. ](else:)[ Your cats are already fed. You don't want them to get fat do you? ] [[Next]] {(if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $food to 1) (set: $kfood to 1) (set: $G to $G+1) (set: $K to $K+1)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/06can.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> (if: $food is 0)[ You go to the kitchen, and decide that tonight your lovely cats deserve a special treat and decide to open up a can of wet cat food. As soon as the sound of an opening can reaches them, your cats rush to your legs and start rubbing against them, pleading loudly with their meows. You put food in their plates, and they start devouring it immediately. Nothing but the food matters to them for a while. It doesn't take long to disappear though. ](else:)[ Your cats are already fed. You don't want them to get fat do you? ] [[Next]] {(if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $food to 1) (set: $cfood to 1) (set: $G to $G+2) (set: $K to $K+2)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/07cook.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You go to the kitchen, take a look inside your fridge... Not much there. You haven't had time to make groceries in a while. I guess tonight it's going to be pasta and butter again. But hey, food is food. You prepare your dinner relatively quickly, while your cats stare at you expectantly. That's a lot of time spent not paying attention to them... [[Next]] {(if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $selffood to 1)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/07reading.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You go to the living room and pick up the book that you left on your coffee table. You've been trying to read it, it sounds very interesting, but have been having trouble starting it. Now is the time though! As you sit on the couch, Guinness immediately joins you. He lazily lays on your book... That's going to be hard to read now. Well, since he's there, you might as well pet him, it's not like you'll be able to read in this position anyway. You'll start your book next time. [[Next]] {(if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $G to $G+1) (set: $book to 1)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/10rope.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> Kahlua is always following you around, no matter where you go in the house. As you go to the bathroom, you decide you might as well talk to her for a while. She purrs and rubs against your legs, meowing whenever you say her name. [[Next]] {(if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $tkahlua to 1) (set: $K to $K+1)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/12homework.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You go to your room and sit at your desk; it's time to do homework, you have a lot due tomorrow. You reach for your laptop in your bag, and open it on your desk. As soon as you do this, Guinness joins you in the room and jumps on your lap, laying on your arms. There is no way you will be able to do homework like this. This is too important. "Sorry Guinness", you say as you push him unceremonously off your lap. He whines loudly, clearly unhappy. How dare you treat him this way?! He is not happy. [[Next]] {(if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $homework to 1) (set: $G to $G-1)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/08laser.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> Guinness is laying on his cat-tree, observing you move around. You decide it's time to play with him, and bring out your laser pointer. As soon as you turn it on, Guinness starts chasing the red dot, convinced he will eventually catch it. Silly cat, you know that's not going to happen. He's happy for now though, and that's all that matters...right? [[Next]] {(if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $pguinness to 1) (set: $G to $G+1)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/09rope.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> Kahlua is still following you throughout the house. You decide to reach for a shoe lace (there are plenty laying around the house). Kahlua gets excited and starts trying to catch it with her claws... and succeeds. She's really fast. Her claws are pretty sharp. Once she catches it, she pulls it off your hand and happily walks away... Before realizing that it's not moving anymore. That's boring. She drops it and starts following you around again. [[Next]] {(if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $pkahlua to 1) (set: $K to $K+1)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/11games.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You decide you deserve some relaxation time, and turn on your playstation and TV. Time to play some 'Last of Us'! It's a pretty immersive game, and you forget to pay attention to your surroundings for a while. Kahlua is meowing at your feet expectantly... But that's not nearly as important as those clickers you need to avoid. Time passes. [[Next]] {(if: $bag is 1)[ (set: $energy to $energy -1) ](else:)[ (set: $energy to $energy -2) ] (set: $game to 1)} <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/13happy.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You are really tired... You stumble into bed, and happily pull the covers around you. Both cats join you in bed, Guinness snuggling against your chest, Kahlua settling against your legs. The purrs are loud and comforting, and you slowly drift into sleep. Sleepy kitties, happy kitties, purr purr purr <center>~The End~</center> <!-- Here! an HTML mod! --> [[Try Again?|Arriving Home]] <!-- End n.1, if player managed to make both cats happy (at least happiness 5)--> <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/15sad.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You are tired, it's pretty late. You stumble into bed, and happily pull the covers on top of you. You hear Guinness meowing at the foot of the bed, and as you look at him, he jumps on the mattress and comes snuggle against your chest. As you look towards the door of your room, you can see the shiny eyes of your other cat, Kahlua, as she stares at you. She doesn't look happy Oh well, you'll do better tomorrow. She's unlikely to mess up the house...much. You drift off into sleep. <center>~The End~</center> [[Try Again?|Arriving Home]] <!-- End n.2, if only Guinness is happy (at least happiness 5) --> <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/14angry.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You are tired, and stumble into bed. As you are pulling the covers around you, Kahlua jumps on the mattress, rubbing against your hand demandingly and meowing loudly. After petting her some, she goes to lay down by your feet, purring. You start drifting off into sleep... Until a loud noise wakes you up. It's coming from the kitchen. You know what it is. Guinness is angry. You did not pay nearly enough attention to him tonight. It's too late now though, you have no energy to get up and deal with it. You anxiously drift back into sleep, knowing you need to get up early to clean up the mess. You know it's going to be bad. He's done this before. <center>~The End~</center> [[Try Again?|Arriving Home]] <!-- End n.3, if only Kahlua is happy (at least happiness 5). Hint: Guinness is a jerk --> <img src="http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ahuber6/sim/Images/16burn.jpg" width="500" alt="cat_illustration"> You stumble into bed, tired. You lay down and pull the covers over you, immediately drifting into sleep. In the middle of the night, you wake up. Something's wrong. What's up with all the smoke in the room? And why is it so hot? You jump out of bed and rush to the kitchen. There's a fire! You call 911 as you rush out of the apartment. As you're exiting, you look back... Long angry scratches mark the outside of your door. This is unsettling... Almost like a threat. and your cats are nowhere to be found. This is no accident. As you're waiting for the fire department to arrive, you reflect on how you know better than to pay so little attention to your cats... <center>~The End~</center> [[Try Again?|Arriving Home]] <!-- End n.4, if neither cats are happy (happiness below 5) -->What do you want to do next? (if: $energy > 0)[ (if: $gpet is 0)[ [[Pet Guinness]] ] (if: $kpet is 0)[ [[Pet Kahlua]] ] (if: $bag is 0)[ [[Go drop your laptop bag in your room]] ] (if: $kfood is 0)[ [[Feed Cats Keeble]] ] (if: $cfood is 0)[ [[Feed the cats Canned Food]] ] (if: $selffood is 0)[ [[Make Yourself Food]] ] (if: $energy < 6)[ You're starting to get tired, but there's still time to do some more things. (if: $book is 0)[ [[Read a Book]] ] (if: $pguinness is 0)[ [[Play with Guinness]] ] (if: $pkahlua is 0)[ [[Play with Kahlua]] ] (if: $game is 0)[ [[Play a Video Game]] ] (if: $tkahlua is 0)[ [[Talk to Kahlua]] ] (if: $homework is 0)[ [[Do your homework]] ] ] energy: (print: $energy) ](else:)[ (if: $K < 5 and $G < 5)[ [[You are out of energy...|Burning]] ] (if: $K > 4 and $G < 5)[ [[You are out of energy...|Angry Guinness]] ] (if: $K < 5 and $G > 4)[ [[You are out of energy...|Sad Kahlua]] ] (if: $K > 4 and $G > 4)[ [[You are out of energy...|Happy Kitties]] ] ] {<!-- Game ends when the 'energy' variable reaches 0. That variable is always visible in this page, which the player keeps coming back to. When the player runs out of energy, they are clearly informed and led to the end of the game -->}