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Research Team


Current Graduate Students:

Jing Shi

Research area: Processing of sustainable polymer fibers. Began in spring 2015.

Adam Maffe

Research area: Processing of high-strength polymer fibers. Began in fall 2015.

Syeda Hafsa

Research area: Processing/development of acrylate resins for 3D printing. Began in fall 2016.

Current Visiting Scholars

Current Undergraduate Researchers

Jennifer Burkhardt

Research topic: Processing of regenerated protein films. Started in summer 2015.

Previous Graduate Students:

Xudong Fang

Ph.D. Degree, 2016. Thesis topic: Oligomer-polymer gel spinning of high-performance fibers.

Yifeng Hong

Ph.D. Degree, 2015. Thesis topic: Processing of expandable thermoplastic/thermoset syntactic foam.

Tom Wyatt 

Ph.D. Degree, 2015. Thesis title: Oligomer spin-solvent gel-fiber spinning. Began in fall 2009

Sarang Deodhar

Ph.D. Study. Thesis topic: Sheath-core structure formation in blend extrusion

Ian Winters  (co-advisor: Dr. David Bucknall)

Ph.D. degree, 2012. Thesis title: The rheological and structural properties of blends of polyethylene with paraffin wax

Wei Zhang

Ph.D. degree, 2011. Thesis title: Controllable growth of porous structures from co-continuous polymer blend

Ramasubramani K.R.T.

Ph.D. Degree, 2010. Thesis title: Constant temperature embossing of supercooled polymer films

Jun Jia (co-advisor: Dr. Youjiang Wang)

Ph.D. degree, 2010. Thesis title:  Melt spinning of continuous filaments by cold air attenuation

Ruihua Li

Ph.D. degree, 2008. Thesis title: Single-polymer composites made of slowly crystallizing polymers

Pratapkumar Nagarajan

Ph.D. degree, 2008. Thesis title: Rapid production of polymer microstructures

Zhe Xie (student at Oakland University; Co-advised with Dr. Qian Zou)

Ph.D. degree, 2006. Thesis title: Pressure-drive radial flow microrheometry

Pratapkumar Nagarajan

M.S. degree, 2003. Thesis title: Polymer micro cold forging

Vinayshankar Virupaksha

M.S. degree, 2003. Thesis title: Simulation of squeezing flow during hot embossing of polymer microstructures

Past Visiting Scholars/Students:

Huan Liu, Xi'an Technological University, China

Qiuqin Yue, Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering, China

Pei Feng, Donghua University, China

Baicun Wang, Zhejiang University, China

Dr. Xueliang Jiang, Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

Dr. Chao Bi, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Qiangchao Mao, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Dr. Xiong Wan, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China

Gang Xiao, Sinopec, China

Kun Luan, Donghua University, China

Dr. Danyang Zhao, Dalian Institute of Technology, China

Dr. Chaosheng Wang, Donghua University, China

Dr. Zhihong Fu, South China University, China

Fangbing Lv, Jiangnan University, China

Min Li, Donghua University, China

Pan Dai, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Previous Undergraduate Students:

Michelle Morency, University of South Florida

Research topic: Processing of regenerated protein solutions. Summer 2016.

Benjamin Scheff

Research topic: Regenerated protein from waste feathers, 2015

Andrew Orbeck

Research topic: Gel spinning with polybutene as a new spin solvent. Summer 2015

Teyana Gainey

Research topic: Gel spinning. Summer 2014

Lillian Wang

Research topic: Characterization of polyethylene/wax blends and fibers. Summer 2012 & Summer 2013

Katie Poynter

Resarch topic: Polymer blend extrusion and characterization. Fall 2012.

Laura Lanier

Research topic: Processing of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene solutions. Summer 2011 to spring 2012

Stephanie Chan

Research topic: Processing of biopolymers. Fall 2009 to spring 2012

Joseph Hite

Research topic: Radiation shielded textiles. spring 2011 to fall 2011

Jeremy Alexander (co-advisor: Prof. Y. Wang)

Research topic: Recycling of Teflon fibers. Summer 2010 to summer 2011

Jason Hoffman

Research topic: Gel spinning of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene. Summer 2010 to spring 2011

Kathryn Abbott

Research topic: Porous fibers for biomedical applications. Summer 2006

Katherine Woo

Research topic: Microscale biomimetic structures. Summer 2005