Donggang  Yao  

Dr. Donggang Yao


School of Materials Science & Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA 30332-0295

Phone: (404) 894-9076

Fax: (404) 894-8780


Research interest:

Polymer processing

  >>Novel process development

  >>Modeling and simulation

Constitutive modeling and rheology

Teaching interest:

Broad area of polymer engineering










Research interest:

  • Polymer processing: Precision and micro molding, fiber spinning (melt, solution and gel), composites processing (vacuum infusion), processing of single-polymer composites, additive manufacturing (new liquid jetting processes), processing of porous polymers with controllable structures, process modeling and simulation, recycling.

  • Constitutive modeling: Rheology, continuum mechanics, nonlinear viscoelasticity, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, blends dynamics, complex interfaces, molecular dynamics.

Current research effort:

  • Modeling of rheologically complex materials

  • Processing of super-strong polymer fibers

Recent research projects:

  • Variotherm roll-to-roll imprinting of micro/nanostructures

  • Processing of aramids

  • Processing of regenerated protein fibers and films

  • Processing of fire-resistant syntactic foams

  • Processing of nylon 6 single polymer composites

  • Rapid resin infusion of composites and filled polymers

  • Functionalized nanodiamond reinforced biopolymers for microporous surgical fixation devices

  • Development of high-performance and recyclable composites for automotive applications

  • Development of iFAB manufacturing process and machine capability library

  • Precision microprofile extrusion with a wall slip condition

  • Design and manufacturing of bioactive surgical fixation devices using injection molding of gradient cellular structures

  • Nanomaterial reinforced ultra-strong PE fibers via a gel-spun technology

  • Recycling of spandex/nylon blend fabrics

  • Single-polymer poly(ethylene terephthalate) composites

  • Variothermal roll-to-roll embossing process for rapid and precision production of large-area microstructures

  • Self-reinforced composites made of immiscible polymer blends

  • Ultra-fine filament yarns made by supersonic jet splitting

  • Rapid production of plastic microstructures



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