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Polymer Processing  Laboratory

Center for Polymer and Fiber Processing


Location: MRDC-4338, Bunger-Henry 105, Bunger Henry 351, and Bunger Henry 341


List of Processing Equipment:


Customized gel spinning setup

Bicomponent fiber extrusion and spinning line (shared teaching and research equipment)

Single component fiber spinning setup

Sumitomo 19-ton fully electric direct-drive injection molding machine

Randcastle recirculator batch mixer

C.W. Brabender batch mixer

Thermo Mars rotational rheometer

Malvern RH7 capillary rheometer

Dynisco LCR7000 capillary rheometer

Labconco Triad freeze dryer (equipment with an internal programmable refrigerator ~ -80C)

CSI Laboratory mixing extruder

SCS spin coating system

Heated Carver hot press (30 ton)

High-temperature Carver press (25 ton)

Customized hot embossing setups (both pneumatic and toggle)

Heated calendering unit

Shared Testing & Characterization Facility

The School hosts various instruments for thermal analysis (DSC & TGA), DMA, rheology, spectroscopy, microscopy, diffraction, etc., and various mechanical testing machines for tensile, compression, bending, and impact testing, as well as fibers, yarns and textiles testing.

Shared Computational Facility

The University hosts a collection of software packages for computational analysis:  (a) general FEM packages including Comsol, Abaqus, and Ansys; (b) special software packages for polymer processing including Polyflow, Moldflow and polyXtrue; (c) molecular simulation packages including Accelrys Material Studio; (d) mathematical packages including Matlab, Maple, and Mathematica.