George Macon


During the Summer 2010 semester, I did an undergraduate Special Problem with GT Apiary. My resultant paper is available.


Acme Backup

If you are here at Tech and are using a Unix based system, you can use this shell script to backup your home directory to PRISM. There is some documentation in the comments, but I assume knowledge of SSH. You need to have SSH configured as stated or you will need to modify the script to specify a user name and run the script interactivley so that you can enter a password.


For the One-Hundreth Anniversiary of the Boy Scouts of America, the Signaling Merit Badge was reactivated. I have a web application, Semaphore Flag Trainer, to help scouts learn the Semaphore flag signaling system.

George Macon, gmacon3, PGP key

Alternatively, my S/MIME certificate is available on Kai Engert’s experimental S/MIME Keyserver.