George D. McDonald
National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellow
Georgia Tech

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I'm a PhD candidate in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech. My research focuses primarily on radiative processes in the atmospheres of terrestrial planets, and the interactions of these atmospheres with surfaces. Most recently I have been focusing on Mars, Titan (Saturn's largest moon), and sub-Neptune sized exoplanets. You can find information about my research on this webpage. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in collaboration.
Recent News & Upcoming Presentations:
• 9/19/17 (Tu): Will be featured in the documentary "Space's Deepest Secrets: Cassini's Grand Finale" on the Science channel on the Discovery network, aired in the US at 9PM EST.
• 9/18/17 (M): Will be featured in the documentary "Goodbye Cassini - Hello Saturn" on BBC Two, aired in the UK at 9PM GMT
• 6/23/17 (F): Participated in filming for the BBC documentary "Goodbye Cassini".
• 4/3/17 (M) 11:30-11:45AM: See the presentation by my collaborator Claire Newman on detailed GCM/data comparisons of dune orientations on Titan, at the Titan Through Time IV Workshop.
• 3/27/17: Paper by my collaborator Josh Mendez on how triboelectric charging affects the mobility of sand dunes on Titan is now available online at Nature Geoscience.
Recent Photos:

10/16/16: In LA with Paul Corlies for the 2016 Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting.

8/4/16: At NASA Ames with Mary Beth Wilhelm.

7/28/16: Seminar at the Kavli Summer Program.

6/20/16: Group photo at the Kavli Summer Program in Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz.