(Col.) Robert WYNNE

Father: Peter WYNNE
Mother: Mary or Margaret COPPIN

Family 1: Mary SLOMAN (?) Poythress widow of Francis P.
  1. (Major) Joshua WYNNE

                            _Robert WYNNE (Mayor)_|
                           |                      |                   ___________________
                           |                      |__________________|___________________
 _Peter WYNNE _____________|
|                          |                                          _William WAMOUGHE _
|                          |                       _William WATTNER _|_Margaret SPARKES _
|                          |_Frances WATTMER _____|
|                                                 |                   ___________________
|                                                 |_Johanna HATCH ___|___________________
|--(Col.) Robert WYNNE 
|                                                                     _John COPPIN ______
|                                                  _THOMAS COPPIN ___|_MARY _____________
|                           _Willam COPPIN _______|
|                          |                      |                   _Willam DENNE _____
|                          |                      |_MARY DENNE ______|_Agnes TUFTON _____
|_Mary or Margaret COPPIN _|
                           |                                          ___________________
                           |                       __________________|___________________
                           |_Sara JENKINS ________|
                                                  |                   ___________________



TO VA by 1651

Robert Wynne of Jordan's Paris, Charles City County in Virginia, Gent., dated July 1st 1675, probated August 15th 1678. To be buried in Jordan's Church as near as possible to my son, Robert. My estate in England to be divided as follows: To my eldest son, Thomas Wynne one farm in Whitestaple Parish in Kent near Canterbury commonly called Limbet Banckes; if he died to my son, Joshua, and if he died, to my daughter Woodlief.

To my son Thomas two houses in Canterbury in St. Mildres's Parish in the same form as the said farm. To my youngest son, Joshua Wynne, one house and Oatmeal mill lying in Dover Lane without St. Georges in Canterbury, commonly called Lilly Pot; and twp houses adjoining where a Ropemaker and one Rawlins were formerly tenants.

Touching my estate in Virginia, to my son Thomas all the cattle of his own mark except one cow called Moll which is to be killed for provisions. To my sone Joshua my plantation called Georges with all the tobacco houses. To my daughter Woodlief one servant of four years to serve the next shipping after my decease. To my grandchild and godson, George Woodlief one filly foal. All the rest of my estate in Virginia and England to my wife and executrix Mary Wynne.

Overseers: Thomas Grendon, Merchant, and my son-in-law, Captain Francis Poythress. (Step-son) Teste: Thomas Brome, John Burge.

It is not known exactly when Robert Wynne came to Virginia, but he first appears in the Virginia records along with Captain Abraham Wood. Robert Wynne was a Justice in Charles City County Court, October 3rd, 1656. He was also evidently a Captain of Militia as he is shown as "Captain Robert Wynne." He represented Charles City in the House of Burgesses, March 1657-8, and March 1659-60, and was Speaker of House, 1661-74. In 1673 Colonel Wynne was a member of a Court Martial sitting at James City.

On account of owning property in England his will was probated there. Ifit was not for this the place of his old home in England would not be known,as the Charles City records for that period have perished. He appears to have married a Mrs. Poythress, a widow, as he mentioned his "son-in-law Captain Francis Poythress." "Son-in-law" in those days meant "step-son."

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