Jayanth M

Developer | Designer

Why HCI?

As computing becomes more diffused, pervasive, ambient, embedded into things and living beings, the very way we interact with computers is going to change.

Interfaces will disappear, yet work to help you fulfill your objective. And I want to be right in the middle of where it all happens.

months of professional experience

projects completed

Workshops conducted


  • + Graduate Teaching Assistant in CS4460 Information Visualization

    Georgia Institute of Technology
    January 2017 - now
    Atlanta, GA
  • MS: Human Computer Interaction

    Georgia Institute of Technology
    August 2016 - now
    Atlanta, GA
  • + Automation Engineer

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    December 2014
    Bangalore, India
  • Services Information Developer

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    August 2014
    Bangalore, India

  • Bachelors degree

    Distinction, Computer Science and Engineering
    June 2014
    Mysore, India

  • + Google Students Club, Technical Coordinator

    NIE Institute of Technology
    January 2013
    Mysore, India
  • + Chief Student Coordinator

    NIEIT Editorial Board
    August 2012
    Mysore, India
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

    NIE Institute of Technology
    September 2010
    Mysore, India



Some driven by passion. Some driven by need.

Here are a select few.



An extensive, practical set of technologies that will get me hit the ground running.

Technology verticals

Design verticals

Academics and industry experience


2010 - 2014
NIE Institute of Technology,
BE in Computer Science & Engineering
  • Java
  • Data Structures
  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms
  • Object Oriented Modelling and Design
  • Web Programming: HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Python 3
  • Computer Graphics
  • Adobe® Photoshop and Adobe® Illustrator
  • Database Management Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • UNIX and shell scripting
  • Software Engineering
  • Advanved Computer Architecture
  • Information and Network Security

Industry and Certifications

2014 - 2016
Hewlett Packard Enterprise India,
and independent learning
  • ITIL Support Model and Framework
  • Software Development LifeCycle
  • Bootstrap 3 + jQuery
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • REST Services (Python and Node)
  • Oracle Java Programmer - 1
  • Version Control (GitHub)
  • Advanced shell scripting
  • AutoIT scripting
  • IDE - Visual Studio and IntelliJ IDEA
  • Unity 3D
  • Power Searching with Google


Georgia Institute of Technology,
MS in Human Computer Interaction
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Contextual methods
  • User centered design
  • Affinity mapping
  • Personas
  • Survey and questionnaire design
  • Storyboards
  • Wireframes and mockups (Axure, Balsamiq )
  • Web analytics
  • Low and medium fidelity prototyping
  • Information Visualization
  • D3.js, Highcharts, Processing
  • Tableau, QlikView, Spotfire
  • Internet of Things platforms
  • Web and interface design
  • Fabrication (Laser cutting and 3D printing)

Exerpts from recommendations, on request