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The Aware Home

The Aware Home Research Initiative is the living lab of IMTC (Interactive Media Technology Center), located at 479 Tenth Street NW, Atlanta. Since I took a seminar in the Home, I have always wanted to work there, and have been enrolled for credit since the beginning of my second semester.


For all my passion in Internet of Things, I consider this project my most ambitious. Ever since I got started on CS8903 Special Problems, I wanted to create some assets for the Aware Home, and define a style guide that defines the direction of some of the IoT initiatives of Aware Home. To maintain consistency, I chose colors from the Material Design pallette, and used them to color the vectors made in Illustrator.

Aware Home logo
Aware Home logo
squak logo
Squak, the event tracker and logger
slasher logo
Slasher, the command processor
homie logo
Homie, the resident Slackbot
help bot logo
Help bot

Branding Guidelines

Style Guide

The style guide is hosted at, enabled for collaboration between several teams needing to refer and make suggestions.