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See Visualization

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The Problem

WeSeeHope is a UK based non-profit organization that aims to enable children isolated by poverty and create sustainable opportunities for people in Southern and Eastern Africa.

With the data they have collected across period of 3 years that includes 17 partners supporting over 200 groups and their activities, WeSeeHope wanted to provide reports to their partners about the effectiveness of each of the programs and where funds had been utilized.

The main problem was that there was no engaging way to show insights from their data. Moreover, some of this data was missing, duplicated, or otherwise invalid. If they could By representing this data in a visually manner, they could convey their impact better to potential partners instead of providing a textual report.

The Process  

All we were given was a set of spreadsheets with much of its data missing, and there did not seem to be an easy way to get the data. We discussed the data cases and parameters over several calls with our sponsor, Speros Kokens from Axis Group, and his colleagues.

After combining, cleaning up data and extracting data in JSON format, we set about visualizing it.

raw data
Raw data - many issues
cleaned data
Cleaning and combining data
Sketching out ideas
Presenting ideas
Poster Session


The client was extremely pleased with the work and expressed delight at the end result. The visualizations were succint and tailored to the level of their target audience.

The interaction designed into the visualization made it better than other static visualizations they had been using while presenting their data.

main view

evolution view

Evolution of groups over time

People involved in different groups - aggregated by total / average per country

Finances of different groups - aggregated by total / average per country

Sankey diagram of individual groups involved in each activity


Video we made for the final presentation