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WeSeeHope is a UK based non-profit organization that aims to enable children isolated by poverty and create sustainable opportunities for people in Southern and Eastern Africa.

With the data they have collected across period of 3 years that includes 17 partners supporting over 200 groups and their activities, WeSeeHope wanted to provide reports to their partners about the effectiveness of each of the programs and where funds had been utilized.

The main problem was that there was no engaging way to show insights from their data. Moreover, some of this data was missing, duplicated, or otherwise invalid. If they could By representing this data in a visually manner, they could convey their impact better to potential partners instead of providing a textual report.


After looking at the data, we decided most of the data was missing or non-standard, a risk of collecting data from multiple, free-form sources. Therefore, the first stage was to combine the data from several spreadsheets into one dataset, and then rank the attributes according to the order of importance for visualization.

With data cleanup done, we had to understand the story our clients wanted to convey, and what kind of insights their users wanted out of the data. This involved discussions over many calls to understand the data and its importance.

After a series of prototypes, we settled on a set of designs (because a single visualization could not convey all the data they wanted to show), and handed it over, with a brief video to show the class a demonstration of what we had done.

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Data provider and client, WeSeeHope UK

Type Class, Group Project Role UI Design, Data Analysis and Cleanup, JavaScript development, Video Creation Duration 5 months (Aug 2016 - Dec 2016) Tools D3.js, HTML/CSS, jQuery, SVG.js, HighCharts, Tableau, Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia Recorder Objectives Dealing with real-world data, Information Visualization, Storytelling, Working with clients



The visualizations we developed were far more effective than the static, Excel based visualizations WeSeeHope were using prior to the project. Our end product served as a means for them to tell their story by interactive means with the limited data they had.

WeSeeHope and Axis Group (whom WeSeeHope had partnered with to get the project implemented) were extremely pleased with the work and expressed delight at the end result. The visualizations were succinct and tailored to the level of their target audience.


Click below to see the end product (best viewed on 1080p) screens.

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