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The Problem

Being in IT Support, we observed that many issues were similar to one another over a period of time. Also, there were known errors in the system, and support engineers used to repeatedly debug the system to see if the issue reported was a known error.

Naturally, this would lead to a waste of time, because they copy-pasted a set of SQL queries from a text file somewhere and executed each one of them manually.


Having obtained the SQL query files from many teams, we decided to design a web application that would automatically run these queries, present the information in a consistent manner and even highlight possible error points.


We spent quite a lot of time talking to different support teams about the process they use to debug common issues. Because we were in two of the support teams as well, we had a fairly good idea of how to go about it.

We quickly listed down the parameters we could obtain from the database that were useful, made a skeleton HTML, and set about writing the servlets that would connect to the database to pull values.

HTML skeleton
HTML skeleton
query interface
Querying interface
user query
Querying by user
customer query
Querying by customer


By customizing and deploying this tool for several teams, we were able to save 1.5 FTE of effort every month, saving HPE thousands of dollars against hiring a new employee.

The project also won the Process Champion award at the center level.

process champion award
Process Champion Award