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Being in IT Support, we observed that many issues were similar to one another over a period of time. Also, there were known errors in the system that could not be fixed for various reasons, and support engineers typically consulted the Known Error Database (KEDB) as the first step of investigating the issue.

Coincidentally, the KEDB was a short description of the issue, and a set of SQL queries that were run with parameters specific to a user of the app, that the operations support team used to manually modify and run one-by-one.


With the knowledge we had in web design and Java Servlets, we were able to aggregate all the queries specific to an application into a web app, that anybody from the end user to the support engineer to quickly debug the issue.

The logic here was that if the issue was a known error, we could match keywords of the description to the KEDB, and if the user had access to the application, they would never need to follow the complicated process of contacting several support teams.

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Visit NG, one of the apps we chose
for automated investigation

Type Initiative, Pair project Role Ethnography, UI Design, JSP Servlet, Evaluations Duration 3 weeks (Dec 2014-Jan 2015) Tools Task analysis, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java JSP, SQL Server, Web analytics Objectives Process Automation, Turnaround time optimization (CWTT and SWTT), Grass roots troubleshooting



Even though this tool was not released to end users (as of when I quit working) due to various reasons, the productivity of the L2 support team went up drastically when the load was heavy. This usually happened at FYEs and before holidays when a lot of users were finishing up work and inadvertently made mistakes entering data that could cause problems.

The average turnaround time for support tickets went down from 2 hours to under a minute, because this tool executed multiple queries, correlated them and showed possible error points automatically.

The process improvements brought about by this workflow automation also won us the Process Champion Award at the Center level.

process champion
The Process Champion Award