Smart Home Configuration

In-place User Interfaces


One of the major challenges we observed in a smart home is that people do not know what they are toggling. This is typical in smart homes that stick to one brand for homogeneity, or when you have not personally installed devices and they are named by someone else.

Can we come up with a centralized way we can see what device you are working with, where it is located, what it is, and what it is named?


Knowing what you are dealing with is the key to solving this problem. From research, we found that people do not really care about the names of smart home devices, as long as they can uniquely recognize where what is.

The 'where' is important - by knowing the location of the device, users can accurately pinpoint, and even assign preferred names or aliases to their smart home equipment.

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The semester-long project was sponsored by
Net Impact Georgia Tech chapter.

Type Sponsored, Team project Role Research, Wireframing, UI consulting, Device procurement and integration Duration 4 months (Jan 2017 - Apr 2017) Tools Surveys, Design sprints, Pen-and-paper, Sketch, InVision Objectives User research, Demonstrating use case, UI suggestion, Proof-of-concept



Feel free to play around with this InVision interactive prototype.


This location-aware system has the potential to impact the smart home industry greatly. Even by simply normalizing the UI and providing visual cues as to what object you are interacting with, it is possible to vastly improve the user experience dealing with smart homes.

The addition of an one-stop device configuration and management, and power monitoring capabilities, of course, are a big plus.