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Smart Home User Interfaces

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The Georgia Tech NetImpact chapter is currently focused on building an amazing User Experience for smart homes of tomorrow.


In close collaboration with the Aware Home Research Initiative and the Data-driven Smart Home project, we are closely studying how users interact with the environment around them and how we can make the experience more connected.

Currently, the project is in the research and design phase, with early-stage surveys going out to participants and competitive analysis and literature survey underway. Assets are being prepared to integrate with existing infrastructure, and non-graphical UIs like voice and text are a special area of focus.


I am taking the primary role of being the architect of the system, and secondary role of technical development. Since I am also leading the Data-driven Smart Home initiative, integration with the backend and devices also is under the scope of the project. When complete, we expect to have a GUI, voice interface and text-based interface to monitor and control connected devices in domestic setting.

Competitive Analysis  

We are currently investigating the following types of Smart Home UIs


Other interfaces

Some other existing systems we are looking into are (some are partners at Aware Home):

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