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Dashboards are critical to service industry. By creating this tool, we would save hundreds of man-hours by automating report creation, offering real-time monitoring instead of daily status reports and create a subscription-based alerts system that was a bottleneck in response time.

Existing system 

When we started working on the system, there was a primitive system that acted as a dashboard for our applications, and was not visually pleasing or provided as many features.

old dashboard
The old dashboard
old app details
Old application drilldown
old drilldown
Old details drilldown

Early efforts

Initially, we wanted to just replicate the existing system in HTML and Java, and provide an on-demand report generator integrated into the dashboard. However, the resulting system did not turn out to be as visually stimulating as we expected it to be, and we hit some roadblocks with the technology stack we had chosen (JSP, ugh!) and ran into a lot of code maintenance issues.

login page

The login screen
dashboard page

The dashboard view
report export

Reports and export


Determined to write the most maintainable code we could muster, we started planning the architecture for modularity and modern technology. The backend and frontend would be decoupled with AJAX calls and REST services, and since a database was not available, we had to find ways around it to get data in to the system - which meant resorting to a web scraper with Python's BeautifulSoup library.

paper planning

Planning pages

whiteboard architecture

System architecture planning

Final product

After several iterations and consulting with my team members (who would be primary users of the system), we had the application ready! As a process, it led to enormous amount of learning as a ethnography and participatory design exercise.

login page

Login page
about page

About page
main page

Main page
app details

Application details
spog dashboard

Single-pane-of-glass dashboard
incident page

changes page

problems page

Problems page
problem detail page

Problem classifications

Other features  

Apart from the features we carried over from the previous dashboards, we added more features to make the tool a go-to application for everyday work.

personal page

Task and ticket assignment
subscriptions page

Subscriptions for alerts
file manager page

Built-in file manager
report generator page

Report Generator
graph drilldown popup

Graph detail drilldown popup
admin page

Admin console


This tool was one of our best learning experiences in terms of HCI and agile software engineering, taking under two months from conceptualization to end result. It continues to be one of the most used tools in the team till now, helping avoid missed deadlines, save thousands of dollars in human effort and automate the routine tasks like never before.

Other links

GitHub (partial)

Only open-sourced the UI, some details are proprietary to my previous employer and client and could not be published.