CS8903 Special Problems

Data-Driven Smart Home

With Brian Jones and Dr. Ellen Do

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This is a early-stage research project involving connecting devices via a unified smart hub with several human-computer interfaces talking through multiple protocols to smart devices.

Expected to be eventually supported are Z-wave, Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-fi based smart devices. A special focus is on decoupling everything and writing each module as a REST service in a polyglot fashion.


My role involves investigating sensor streams, creating a system to monitor and control devices (mostly via the Z-wave protocol), and preparing and delivering training material and documentation.

Additionally, querying and control of these devices are to be integrated into a highly modular framework for use with different GUIs, Voice UIs and text-based UIs.


In the first two weeks, I have mostly been looking at Z-wave integration and Slack integration as the first areas of focus.

Currently, a Slack-based event and message logger, a primitive NLP intent parser, and z-wave daughterboard integration is done.

initial architecture
Envisioning the system
event logger
Slack-based Event Logger
slack bot
Homie, the Slackbot currently can understand intents
current hardware
Current hardware
future hardware
Future hardware: Matrix One


These are the technologies currently used:

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