Internet controlled



This was my capstone project for undergrad. We wanted to make a Raspberry Pi-based relay switchboard that could be contacted via the internet and be controlled from any internet-connected device.


Instead of picking a software-based project, my team decided it would be more impressive to do something tangible, see action in the real world. Having had no exposure to embedded systems, working on an interdisciplinary project involving electronics, electrical interfacing, databases, servers and web pages seemed like an excellent learning opportunity.

This project was from ages ago, many artifacts have been lost, below are some I could find.

user flow
User flow through the system
Intelligence and connection to computers
Connection and grouping for devices
gpio working
Working of GPIO and relays - system flow
System Schematic
system advantages
Advantages and disadvantages


The system was extremely well-received, and was deployed on a trial basis for a week in home and college. It also won the Infosys Project Innovation Award.

deployed system
Deployed system
team working
My team working on the project
project innovation award
Infosys Project Innovation Award