My name is John Turner. I am a third year PhD student in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, specializing in Graphics, Simulation and Physically-Based Animation and how Machine Learning (i.e. Deep Reinforcement Learning) can be used to solve problems in these domains. I am also a GTA for the CS-6515-OMS, Graduate Algorithms for the OMS Master's degree program. In December of 2016 I received my Master's degree in Computer Science from Tech. Up until November of 2016 I was also a full time Data Scientist at an Online Marketing Company. This page is for me to showcase a few of my past projects from throughout my academic career, as well as my current research interests and some of the more interesting projects I've worked on at my most recent job.

I can often be found on the 3rd floor landing in the Klaus building Mezzanine, especially from 5am to 10am weekdays.