Kinect Library

Class Instructor Date Language Ta'ed Code
Research Project Karen Liu/Sehoon Ha (PhD student) Spring 2013-Fall 2013 C++ (Windows) No Code N/A

The Kinect Library I wrote was based upon the Microsoft Kinect SDK 1.7. I implemented full skeleton handling/IK, voice recognition, hand state tracking (open, closed, pointing) via a Neural Net I wrote that would learn online, IR/RGB camera support, and numerous Kinect friendly UI components, including a slider, lever, button, check box and even textbox.

The purpose of the library was to provide an interface to facilitate training a physically based character to perform complex parkour-like tricks and maneuvers. The user would make a motion that would serve as an example for the character learning the maneuver. Swapping between "Teaching Mode" and "System Control Mode" needed to be accomplished via voice recognition so as to not train "reaching for the mouse", and a fully Kinect-friendly and accurate inteface for communicating with the optimization engine was desired so the user didn't need to be near a computer.