Animated Snowmen (Snow Globe 1)

Class Instructor Date Language Ta'ed Code
CS 3451 Intro To Graphics Greg Turk Spring 2012 Java/Processing No Code N/A

This is one of the earliest graphics projects I made - one of the first homework assignments for the undergraduate graphics course. I procedurally generated the snowmen, the stacks of packages and the "piano"-looking floor, and have the snowmen move randomly, bouncing off each other and the packages at appropriate angles.

The package stacks had an interesting origin - the version of Processing I used at the time (1.51 if I recall) had a bug in the sphere code so that the last drawn triangle had the center of the sphere as one of its vertices (hardcoded), so I reoriented the sphere so that this "spike" was pointing up, and then put a stack of packages in the middle, with the others placed randomly.

I intend to merge this code with my particle-and-grid based snow globe project eventually - I've always loved snow globes.

Snowman Animation. The snowmen throw their snowballs at other, random, snowmen, who in turn change to be the color of the snowball that hits them. The snowmen move purely randomly, with the exception that they attempt to turn away from collisions in some random direction, and so their actions are sort of boring. This would make a great testbed for developing a pathing algorithm.