Interpolating Keyframe Animation (MEL scripts in Maya)

Class Instructor Date Language Ta'ed Code
CS 4496 Computer Animation Karen Liu Spring 2013 C++ No Code N/A
CS 4496 Computer Animation Karen Liu Spring 2015 C++ Yes Code N/A

For this project I implemented a few different interpolating schemes in Maya's MEL script - Bezier, B-Spline, Catmull-Rom, and C2-Interpolating spline (which required a tri-diagonal solver and sacrificed local control for C2 continuity and interpolation of key-frames).

I really liked working in MEL and have been very interested in migrating a few of my projects (particularly the Eroding Fractal & Procedural Terrains Using Heightfield Fluids project) as a tool/paintbrush. There are undoubtedly extant tools to simulate erosion, but I think this project in particular would make a great tool, and migrating it into MEL/Maya would be a great exercise.