I've been a musician for most of my life - I played trumpet in elementary school, and then switched to bass guitar when I was in high school, back in early 80's. More about my musical pursuits can be found on My Old Band Lord Only's website, including, if you are interested in such things, my Custom 7 and 8 string basses. Here are links to all the mixed versions of the music we wrote that I have (a couple songs from Ecstatic Discharge never did get mixed down, unfortunately. Still have all the source material, though so maybe someday.)

Fear and Trembling was professionally mixed and mastered (and sold, still some left in fact) but Ecstatic Discharge unfortunately never got to that stage, and so the mixes are just those that I could make from the masters, and are a little rough. Still, Ecstatic Discharge has some of the best music that we made (particularly Dante's Cafe).