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Biography: I am Professor of Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). My Ph.D. is from Northwestern University, Department of Sociology (1988). My research interests are the study of innovation, sociology of science and the sociology of work and organizations.
I am currently collaborating with Sadao Nagaoka on a major survey of inventors in the US and Japan, sponsored by RIETI and the Kauffman Foundation, examining who invents, the innovation process, collaboration, and commercialization.
I am also collaborating with Wes Cohen and Ashish Arora on a major survey of innovation in the US, sponsored by NSF and Kauffman Foundation.
Professor Nagaoka and I are also conducting a large scale survey of scientists in the US and Japan, with funding from RIETI, based on an NSF funded workshop "Scientific Collaboration and Productivity".

Organization Theory (PUBP6014)
Science and Technology Policy (PUBP6014/PUBP4410)

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The Georgia Tech Survey on the Knowledge Creation Process in Science

Click here for information on the study and (soon) discussion papers with the results.

Georgia Tech/RIETI Inventor Survey

Click here for the questionnaire, and (soon) discussion papers and descriptives tables.

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