Kelsey Kurzeja

Ph.D. Student Computer Science
Computer Graphics / Geometry

Recent Projects

Boundless Menger Sponge A program that renders a boundless version of the Menger sponge.
Triangle Mesh Ribbon Weaving A program that can weave ribbons around watertight triangle meshes.
Full Swing A first-person grappling hook and speedrunning game.
Light Painting LED Stick A device for painting images into long exposure photographs.
Anisotropic Lighting and Animated Glow Map A demo showing off a shader that simulates lighting on microfacets and another that allows for creating an emissive glow animation from a non-animated image.
Game of Dragons - Senior Design Project A short 3D platform game inspired by Spyro the Dragon.
Voxelizer Library A fast GPU based solid voxelization library written in C. Source available.
Clipper Library - Haxe Port A Haxe port of the polygon clipping library, Clipper. Source Available.
Puzzle Platforming Game A game I am currently working on where the main mechanic is to flip rows of tiles which each have different puzzle solving properties.
Verlet Dynamics Several demos using Verlet integration to create soft body and ragdoll dynamics. Source available.

About Me

I started working on my Ph.D. in computer science in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech in the Fall of 2015. My research interests focus on computer graphics and geometry. I also completed my B.S. in computer science at Georgia Tech in 2014. As an undergraduate, I worked on a couple research projects with Jarek Rossignac. One project was on GPU accelerated solid voxelization or triangle meshes, and the other project was on CSG of graded, periodic patterns. I was also a teaching assistant for the undergraduate computer graphics course, CS 3451.