Kelsey Kurzeja

B.S. Computer Science
Media / Modeling and Simulation

Anisotropic Lighting and Animated Glow Map


This demo is showing off two shaders I created for my GPU programming class.

The axe model on the left shows off an "animated glow map," which is something I came up with to animate emissive lighting from a single non-animated image. The idea is to draw the areas we want to glow onto the image as a gradient where the spots around darker colors are rendered before the spots around the lighter colors. This allows us the specify how the glow will change over time based on the intensity of the colors.

The two models on the right show off an anisotropic lighting effect based on the Ward shading model. The idea is to simulate the tiny grooves that are found on some materials such as brushed metal. These tiny grooves create a distinctive elongated highlight because each groove has a large range of surface normals in a small area so that there is likely going to be a normal that reflects light towards the eye.

Assets Used:
- Runic Axe by Deviljerome
- Space Robot Kyle by Unity Technologies
- Hotel Cubemap by Humus
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