Kelsey Kurzeja

B.S. Computer Science
Media / Modeling and Simulation

Clipper Library - Haxe Port


Source Code -

A Haxe port of the AS3 port of the C# version of the polygon clipping library, Clipper.

The AS3 version was ported by Chris Denham.

The original was made by Angus Johnson.

This port is almost exactly the same as the AS3 port. Though I did add a few optimizations, mainly inlining many functions. I also created a new point class to mimic AS3's, so that this port will not have to be Flash only. I created a new example showing the unioning of several polygons togther since it is what I needed this library for.

I am using this library in my puzzle platforming game to union the tiles around physics objects. This is necessary to prevent physics objects from colliding with the sides of tiles that are aligned with the other tiles.
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