Kelsey Kurzeja

B.S. Computer Science
Media / Modeling and Simulation

Full Swing



W/S/A/D - Move Forward/Backward/Left/Right
Space - Jump / Push off of wall
Hold Left Mouse - Attach grapple hook to surface
Toggle Right Mouse - Toggle rope retraction on and off
R - Reset level
Escape - Pause / Remove Focus

Game Concepts:
This is a single level proof of concept of a speedrunning game based around a grappling hook mechanic. The player can attach their grappling hook onto objects to swing around with the goal of reaching the top of the tower in as little time as possible. The grappling hook cannot be attached to black surfaces. The player can make the rope retract in order to move towards the hook point by toggling the right mouse button while the hook is attached to a surface.

Team Members:
Kelsey Kurzeja
Miles Raphael
Sean Lachenberg

- Power Surge by Cadrean
- Animated Horse by Dootsy Development

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