Kelsey Kurzeja

B.S. Computer Science
Media / Modeling and Simulation

Game of Dragons - Senior Design Project


W/S/A/D - Move dragon Forward/Backward/Left/Right
Shift or Left Mouse Button - Fire breath
Space - Jump / Flap wings

Game Concepts:
You are a dragon who has become trapped in the walls of the Ice Castle. The outer gate to this castle is locked shut, and the only way to open it is through the power of the magic gems that are scattered throughout the world. In the castle, there are hostile beings which drop fragments of these gems upon being slain, and collecting four of these fragments creates a full gem. After collecting at least ten full gems, you must find and strike the crystal ball to power it and open the castle's outer gate. Beyond the gate is a portal away from the Ice Castle and to freedom.

You may replenish lost health by collecting coins, gem fragments, and gems. Throughout the world are checkpoints that are represented by floating C's. Touching a checkpoint will save your progress so that you will return to the checkpoint if you run out of health.

Game HUD:
Health - Number of hearts in top-left of screen
Remaining Fire - Length of fire under the hearts
Full Gems - Number collected over number needed to finish game
Gem Fragments - Number collected over number needed for full gem

Team Members:
Kelsey Kurzeja
Jill Russek
Jon Tyson
Thomas Loalbo
Sami Muhanna
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