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Liubov Nikolenko

My name is Liubov (Nikki) Nikolenko. I am a Computer Science major in Georgia Institute of Technology. I am interesed in backend coding and database design, but at the same time I am very open - minded and open to all kinds of projects. To see my previous and currents projects, visit my GIT repository


Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing

Expected gaduation: May 2018

Threads: Information & Internetworks and Media

GPA: 4.0


  • Mentored by Prof. William Harris

  • Information flow analysis

    I was developing testing programs that modeled different information flow scenarios in order to test if the software developed by my researh team accurately determined information leaks.

    Testing tool for a program and its polynomial bound

    I was participating in the development of a software that takes a program and a polynomial bound as inputs and determines if a given program has a certain polynomial bound. In particular, I implemented mathematical tools like polynomial analysis and linear regression engines.

    Contact Information

    Email: lnikolenko3@gatech.edu

    Cell phone: 1-470-263-6393

    Mailing address:329252 Georgia Tech Station, Atlanta, GA, 30332