. Current Research

.Metagenomics: My current focus research is Metagenomics applied to the study of Infectious Diseases. DNA sequence-based methods offer a powerful complement to the convencional methods for the identification of unknown and uncultured bacterial pathogens associated with infectious diseases which represent a global public health problem.

. Previous Research

.Molecular Evolution of pathogens: The ability of adaptation to host populations is vital for pathogenic microorganisms as H. pylori, where virulence factors are often under positive selection and are related with specific manifestations of disease. I developed a pipeline that incorporates a variety of evolutionary and bioinformatics algorithms to analyze signatures of selection on the genome of H. pylori and identify the adaptive mechanisms that this bacterium employs to interact with the human gut environment, often associated with the development of stomach cancer.

. Functional Genomics of retroviruses: One key step of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) infection is the integration of its viral cDNA. Structural characteristics and epigenetic modifications observed in genomic regions with high frequency of cDNA viral integrations would synergistically configure a local ‘‘genomic environment’’ that facilitates target site selection during retroviral integration. I also constructed a network of human macrophage genes located close to chromatin regions rich in proviruses to study the complexity of disturbances in cell gene expression networks by HIV-1 integration.