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Dr. Liu's primary interests lie in fundamental understanding of the effect of structure, defects, and microstructure on transport and electrical properties of surfaces and interfaces. In particular, we are interested in developing novel materials for energy storage and conversion, for chemical sensing, and for hydrogen production and separation. In addition, we are interested in microscopic modeling of mass and charge transport in solid electrochemical systems and polarization at interfaces.

Dr. Liu's current research activities include
(1) in situ characterization of gas-solid interactions in fuel cells and batteries using FTIR/Raman spectromicroscopy and impedance spectroscopy
(2) study of transport phenomena and kinetics in ionic and electronic conductors and the effect of imperfections on electrophysical and electrochemical properties
(3) fabrication and characterization of ceramic membranes, thin films, and coatings; mesoporous and nanostructured electrodes and interfaces; and solid-state ionic devices
(4) development of novel materials for high-selectivity gas sensors, for high-energy-density batteries, for low-temperature SOFCs, and for high temperature PEMFCs.


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Regents' Professor
School of Materials Science & Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0245


Center for Innovative Fuel Cell and Battery Technologies

E-mail: meilin.liu@mse.gatech.edu
Phone: 404-894-6114
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