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French 2001

Dr. Cottille-Foley
School of Modern Languages
Swann 215
Office hours: Tu-Th 11:05-11:55


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Textbook AND Quia Access Code: Williams, Grace and Roche, Bien vu, bien dit, McGraw Hill 2008. ATTENTION:  Buy this textbook with the QUIA Access Card for the online workbook

Film: Le chemin du retour (GT Library) ; Online Center  : www.mhhe.com/bienvubiendit (Script)

The books containing the QUIA access code are available at the Barnes and Noble GTbookstore. For more info on Quia: http://quia.thomsonlearningconnections.com/index.html. I will send you (or have sent you) an email containing all pertinent information as to how to create an account and access our electronic class. If you don't use your GT email account, you need to send me an email with your appropriate contact info. You need to have a valid, working email address for this class.


A good bilingual dictionary (Robert-Collins, Harraps…) and a French-French dictionary (Petit Robert)

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with Buzzport and TSquare. From your buzzport account, you will able to email the whole class.

You will also find valuable information on our site at http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~nc44/. It is the place to go on the web if you want to print a fresh copy of this syllabus, try a few activities of oral comprehension and brush up on your vocabulary, or symply have access to French links. You will also find information on the LBAT summer program I direct in Paris every year.


French 2001 demands faithful and regular preparation of assignments and active participation in class. Before coming to class each day, prepare the section of the lesson indicated on the syllabus. You should spend two hours on your homework for each hour of class time. In other words, you should expect to spend 6 hours studying your French each week. It is recommended that you break this down into one hour daily. This can be your "French hour"...

No make-up tests of examinations will be given without an official excuse (a valid written medical excuse stipulating that you could not be in class on the day and time of the exam). Daily class attendance is expected. More than two absences will affect the final course grade. One point will be substracted for each daily absence in excess of two. Arriving late to class will also cause you to lose points.

  Work is assigned in your digital workbook. The homework must be finished and successfully submitted at midnight the day BEFORE each class. It will be graded. Late assignments will not receive credit. They will count as a grade of 0 in the homework average. Human nature being what it is (sigh), we professors have to encourage you to do your work regularly...


The organization of the book. There are 12 chapters. We will study six of them this semester. Make sure you memorize each chapter's vocabulary as you go. You will do the grammar activities BEFORE coming to class. FRENCH 2001 is supposed to be a revision of structures learned in previous classes. I will expect you to come to class prepared. If you have questions about the grammar (sessions 3 and 4 of each chapter), write them down before coming to class so as to be able to ask them efficiently (otherwise you may forget half of the questions you'd like to ask). This will ensure that you do your workbook efficiently and that you don't get lost in class. After class, you should review what we have learned, memorize new words and structures, do your workbook, and prepare for the next class by either reviewing or learning the grammar that we will practice. Easy right? If you do this religiously, I am sure that you will do extremely well in this class. If you don't, you will get frustrated, you may start to blame it on your supposed lack of talent for languages, or whatever, you may even blame it on me (please don't do that)! Just remember: doing the homework well and on time is essential, and it is your key to success.

NOTE: If you experience problems while doing you Quia homework (bugs, glitches, etc), please use this form to report it. I will download a fresh version of your compiled comments when I grade/regrade each chapter. Don't get frustrated, just fill in the form with as precise a description as possible and I will make the adjustments to your grade as needed.

You are supposed to go through your lesson BEFORE doing QUIA. However, if you are having a problem with a point of grammar, don't hesitate to report it immediately in this Grammar question form.You are also encouraged to bring your questions to class. The prof will be happy to answer them. If one student has a question, most students are probably having the same issue but may be afraid to ask. They will be grateful when you do!

Dr. Cottille-Foley, 215 Swann, School of Modern Languages