French 4101 - Francophonie



The course will cover texts and notions relating to Francophonie--a notion that will be clarified through our "Packs Francophonie". These documents include passages from major works. They will be made available to you via T-Square. Following this 3-week introduction, we will start reading major works in the field of Francophonie. Classes will be divided between lectures and groups discussions. Class and discussion are conducted in French. To succeed in this class, it is imperative to do all the assigned readings before each class.


Participation : 15%
Quizzes : 35%
Exams : 44%
Final project : 6%


Weeks 1-4
Packs Francophonie
Exam I: 10 septembre

Weeks 4-7
Maryse Condé, Moi Tituba
Exam II: 3 octobre

Weeks 8-11
Marie NDiaye, Mon Coeur à l'Etroit
Exam III: 31 octobre

Weeks 12-15
Assia Djebar, Nulle part dans la maison de mon père
Exam IV: 26 novembre

Week 16

Final Exam Week
Final project is due by midnight on Tuesday, December 10th



All readings must be don BEFORE coming to class. There will be a quiz every time readings are assigned.

Dr. Cottille-Foley, 215 Swann, School of Modern Languages