How to download French books for free:

France has invested a great deal of effort to offer French classics on line... for free. Think of it as a huge digital library... available anywhere anytime... The only problem is, you will only find books from before the 20th century. More recent novels are protected by copyrights.

So have a go at it... It's free!!!

Where to start? Here are a few suggestions:

Le fantastique:

Les portraits sociaux:

Les histoires qui nous passionnent:

Les romans de mystères:

Listen to French books for free:

Go to LibriVox, select autiobooks, select language>French.

Now what about combining them? For a book download:

The French original version

The English translation

The French audio files

You now have a free bilingual book with its accompanying French audio file. You can read and listen at the same time (working both reading and listening skills).

How to buy books in French and have them delivered at your door...

You can buy French books at the French price, plus shipping and handling. You are usually better off buying several books at the same time, to reduce the price of shipping per book. Remember that prices are in Euros.

Read the best French newspaper... for free

Le Monde

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