Dr. Philip Shapira - philip.shapira@pubpolicy.gatech.edu -

PubP 8110S/CP 6231, Spring 1996.

Assignment #1 - Assigned 4/3/96; due 4/10/96

Economic Development Information Sources on the World Wide Web


This assignment aims to identify and review economic development planning and policy information sites and sources available on the World Wide Web (WWW). Students will individually search and document WWW sites under specific headings. The results will then be posted to the economic development list-serv and subsequently collated, so that the information sources can be shared by all and used in later assignments during the class.



Each student will be assigned one or more headings in class. In total, you should identify between 10-15 sites for the headings assigned to you. Choose your final list of sites to maximize the quality and diversity of information. For each site that you identify, please provide (a) a title; (b) page sponsor (e.g. Economic Development Society or Iowa State Department of Commerce); (c) URL address (i.e. http://…); and (d) a 4-8 line review, in your own words, of the content and value of the site, e.g.

This assignment should be prepared electronically and submitted as a text (.txt) document or browseable (.htm) file and posted to the economic development list-serv by mailing to econ-dev@list.gatech.edu

The assignment should be posted by 4.30 p.m. on April 10. Be sure to include your name, school and major at the top of your assignment. If you have difficulties accessing the Web or using email, please seek advice and assistance from your own school computer support staff, Georgia Tech computing support (Customer Support Center, 404-894-7173, support@oit.gatech.edu) or Georgia Tech library personnel (404-894-4529). If you have technical difficulties in uploading your file, you may print it out and hand it in at the beginning of the class on April 10.

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