Georgia Tech School of Psychology

Randall W. Engle

Ph.D. (1973) Experimental Psychology
The Ohio State University

Chair, School of Psychology
Professor of Psychology

I am interested in individual and developmental differences in working memory capacity, what those differences mean about the nature of working memory and the underlying causes of those differences. I have argued that working memory capacity is the same as central executive capability, controlled attention and general fluid intelligence (Engle Kane & Tuholski, 1999). As such, I argue that individual differences in working memory capacity reflect differences in functioning of the normal frontal lobes.


American Psychological Association (Fellow)
American Psychological Society (Fellow)
Psychonomic Society
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

Selected Publications

  • Engle, R.W., Kane, M.J. & Tuholski, S.W. (1999). Individual differences in working memory capacity and what they tell us about controlled attention, general fluid intelligence and functions of the prefrontal cortex. In Miyake, A. & Shah, P. (Eds.) Models of working memory: Mechanisms of active maintenance and executive control. London:Cambridge Press.
  • Engle, R.W. & Oransky, N. (1999). The evolution from short-term to working memory: Multi-store to dynamic models of temporary storage. In R. Sternberg (Ed.), The nature of human cognition. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • Rosen, V. M. & Engle, R. W. (1998). Working memory capacity and suppression. Journal of Memory and Language, 39, 418-436.
  • Engle, R.W., Conway, A.R.A., Tuholski, S.W., & Shisler, R.J. (1995). A resource account of inhibition. Psychological Science, 6, 122-125.
  • Conway, A.R.A. & Engle, R.W. (1994). Working memory and retrieval: A resource- dependent inhibition model. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 123, 354-373.

Current Grants

Working memory, controlled attention and task switching. AFOSR 1997-2000. ($394,960)

Frequently Taught Courses

PSY 1101 General Psychology
PSY 3010 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 6011 Cognitive Psychology (Graduate)

Contact Information

Office Location : Room 253 Psychology Building (formerly Naval Reserve)
Phone Number : 404-894-2680
E-mail :
Attention and Working Memory Lab

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