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Research Evaluation Network Activities
  • "Research Assessment: What's Next?"
    In May 2001, a group of research evaluation practitioners and users gathered at Airlie Conference Center in Virginia to review the current state of the art in research assessment, including its user context, and to map out an agenda for the research base and methods development in the field. Click here for the full meeting report (PDF format):    Airlie_Report

    (Latest Developments):
  • AAAS report, "In Pursuit of a Diverse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Workforce: Recommended Research Priorities to Enhance Participation by Underrepresented Minorities," produced by Yolanda S. George, David S. Neale, Virginia Van Horne, and Shirley M. Malcom. The report examines over 150 research efforts related to choice of college majors, retention in STEM college majors, academic mentoring at both the pre-college and higher education levels, and pursuit of a STEM doctorate, as well as faculty positions. Click here for the report (PDF format):    AAAS_Report

  • SRI International report, "Outcome Measurement in the United States: State of the Art," produced by David Roessner, where several promising approaches to measuring research are identified and described. Click here for the the report (PDF format):    SRI_Report


    Upcoming Conference in S&T Indicators:

    The Seventh International S&T Indicators Conference 2002 Karlsruhe, Germany.


    Recent Past Conference in R&D Evaluation:

    International Conference on Socio-economic Evaluation of Public R&D : Tokyo, Japan 2002