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Ph.D. Candidate. Georgia Tech.


  • Sep 20: Presented at BMVC!
  • July 14: Paper accepted to BMVC! Selected for oral presentation.
  • July 1: Proposed!

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Georgia Tech under Prof. Cedric Pradalier in the DREAM lab. Shout out to Supelec and MaLIS, with whom I am affiliated. Before coming here I worked under Prof. Andrea Thomaz and Prof. Charles Isbell in the SIM lab and at Bosch in the Autonomous Driving group. I received my M.S. from Iowa State University in 2011 under Prof. Alexander Stoytchev in the Developmental Robotics Lab.

I invest my free time in a small number of things. When left to my own devices I become immersed in psychology: reading, theorizing, and problem solving. I want to know how it all fits together in one coherent story. I wonder if some kind of 'theory of everything' could explain cognition. Non-mind, I lift regularly to be fit and make gains. I endeavor to write a book of my own.