Sean Rodrigues

Curriculum Vitae

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Rosalind Hudnell (Intel), Michelle Collins, Sean Rodrigues, GaTech President Bud Peterson


Doctoral Candidate, Georgia Institute of Technology, Electrical & Computer Engineering
M.S, Georgia Institute of Technology, Materials Science & Engineering
B.S. University of Rochester, Chemical Engineering
Stoughton Public High School


Funded Grants


  1. S. P. Rodrigues, S. Lan, L. Kang, Y. Cui, P. W. Panuski, S. Wang, A. M. Urbas, W. Cai, “Intensity-dependent modulation of optically active signals in a chiral metamaterial,” SPIE Photonics West Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, 10112-10, San Francisco, CA, Jan. 28 – Feb. 2, 2017.
  2. S. P. Rodrigues, L. Kang, S. Lan, Y. Cui, Y. Liu, D. Werner, W. Cai, “A chiral metamaterial for chiral responsive optoelectronic transduction,” Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), FW4A.6, San Jose, CA, June 5 – June 10, 2016.
  3. S. P. Rodrigues, Y. Cui, S. Lan, L. Kang, W. Cai, “Achiral nanoprobes extract chiral signals from within chiral metamaterials,” Conference on Lasers and Electro-optics (CLEO), FTh3D.2, San Jose, CA, June 5 – June 10, 2016.
  4. S. P. Rodrigues, Y. Cui, S. Lan, L. Kang, W. Cai, “Enhancing optical signals of chiral metamaterials via nonlinear excitation” 2015 Materials Research Society (MRS) Meeting, HH2.03, Boston, MA Nov. 29 – Dec 03, 2015.
  5. L. Kang, S. Lan, Y. Cui, S. P. Rodrigues, Y. Liu, D. H. Werner, W. Cai, “An active metamaterial platform for chiral responsive optoelectronics,” 2015 Materials Research Society (MRS) Meeting, GG11.02, Boston, MA Nov. 29 – Dec 03, 2015.
  6. Y. Cui, L. Kang, S. Lan, S. Rodrigues, W. Cai, “Giant chiral active responses from nanoengineered metallic arcs,” IEN User Science and Engineering Review, Atlanta, Jun 6, 2014
  7. S. Rodrigues, W. Zhou, T.W. Odom, “Interaction between dipole emitters and 2D plasmonic nanoparticle arrays,” Trends in Nanotechnology, Spain, 11/21-11/25, 2011 (Poster)
  8. -Recipient of “Best Poster Award”
  9. S. Rodrigues, K. Savino, M. Z. Yates, “Cationic substitution of hydroxyapatite for hydrogen fuel cell application,”
    • 2011 National Conference for Undergraduate Research, Ithaca, NY, 3/31-4/2
    • 2011 Xerox Research Fellows Symposium, Rochester, NY, 7/31
    • 2010 Energy for the 21st Century Symposium, Rochester, NY, 10/11

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