Sean Rodrigues


(Please visit Dr. Cai's Website to learn more about our group's research in nanophotonics.)

Selected as a finalist for the MRS Graduate Student Awards

,” 2018.02.11
Along with presenting a talk on one of his latest works, the chiral meta-mirror, Sean will also be competing for a Gold or Silver Graduate Student Award at the 2018 MRS Spring Meeting.

Nominated by GaTech to compete for the Schmidt Science Fellows Program

,” 2017.11.13
Sean is one of 5 students that was selected to apply for the Schmidt Science Fellows Program. This global award has reached out to 50 schools internationally to select key candidates to build a research program and network in a field different from their own.

“Chiral meta-mirror reflects light differently than conventional mirrors

,” 2017.11.13
Story released on

Scheduled to present IEEE Photonics Conference

, 2017.05.04
Sean will be presenting "Modulating optically active signals in a chiral metamaterial with varied input intensities" on October 4, 2017 during the 10:30-12:00 session (WG2 / Metamaterials and Plasmonics).

Press Release hit for "Day of Light" Workshop

, 2017.05.04
Press release can be found here.

Invited to meet with CEO of Intel

, 2017.04.12
5 students were chosen to meet with Brian Krzanichm, CEO of Intel over dinner.

Selected to attend NSF Engineered Living Systems Workshop

, 2017.04.03
The two week workshop held at UIUC is intended to help "build the scientific/engineering base and probe the ethical implications that arise from these complex biological interactions, their resultant emergent behaviors, and the ultimate creation of complex biological systems engineered to perform specific, targeted functions."

Held "Day of Light" Workshop, with Awarded SPIE Grant

, 2017.03.18
The workshop which was funded with an SPIE Cycle Grant was held on the same day as the Atlanta Day of Science and the 5th Annual Latino College and STEM Fair at Georgia Tech. This overlap assured the largest possible contact with as many students from Elementary level to High School students as possible. See Outreach page for more details soon.

Selected for Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) Data Science Program

, 2017.03.10

Press Coverage for Nature Comm paper hits 10+ News Coverage Sites

, 2017.03.01
The original article was released by Georgia Tech's John Toon. The article was then covered in several websites including: Electronics Weekly, Newswise, Nanowerk, Phys.Org,,, LaserFocusWorld etc.

First-authored paper released in Nature Communications

, 2017.02.27

Rodrigues Selected for Sigma Xi M.S. Thesis Award

, 2016.04.08
Link to Article

Awarded the Intel Fellowship

, 2016.01.20
Link to Article

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