Sean Rodrigues

Teaching & Outreach

Day of Light Workshop, 2017

A Day of Light is a workshop series that will acquaint students with the prevalence of optical technologies in their daily lives. Hands on activities and demos will reveal the kind of engineering that goes into creating these optical instruments and illustrate the career paths our students can take if they were to pursue careers as optical engineers and scientists.
The workshop was funded through an SPIE Outreach Cycle grant.

MeadowCreekEngineeringClub LabTours HoverCraft

GoSTEM Fellow, 2013-2015
Meadowcreek High School | Norcross, GA

At Meadowcreek High School I'm fortunate to act as a liason to an Engineering Club. I work at the school once a week as an assistant chemistry teacher and after school help run the engineering club. In the past year, the club built a hovercraft and this year they working on an engineer's model of the human body.

MeadowCreekEngineeringClub LabTours HoverCraft
HoverCraft EngClubVisit EngClubVisit

Workshop Leader for Dr. James Farrar, Chemical Concepts: Practices and Systems II Spring 2010 & 2011
Department of Chemistry, University of Rochester | Rochester, NY

Workshop leaders at the University of Rochester are very different from traditional Teach Assistants (TA's). Instead of providing an additional lecture to go over problems in a recitation style period, a workshop promotes learning in groups. The workshop assistant is there to facilitate discussion between peers, implement various teaching styles. This style focuses on utilizing active learning. For more information visit University of Rochester's Workshop Program Website
These workshop sessions focused on introductory thermodynamics and molecular orbital theory. My duty as a workshop leader allowed me to hold office hours for students and help grade exams.

Teaching Assistant for Dr. Doug Kelley Chemical Process Analysis Fall 2010 & 2011
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester | Rochester, NY

As a teaching assistant I prepared and conducted review sessions, graded homework and held office hours.

UR Rotaract

I was also actively involved in a community service organization for a number of years at the University of Rochester that was a subset of Rotary International, called UR Rotaract.
Bring It In
While apart of this organization I implemented a volunteer service managing style that was initially created by
Eva Xie. The "Bring It In" managing style allowed peers to join the group and provide an idea that they thought could potentially benefit the community. The group would vote to see if they wanted to see this project implemented. Then in small focus groups the students worked together to ask questions about how they would bring this project to life. A large emphasis was placed on the withdrawal of usage of the words 'impossible,' or 'no' when trying to first create these projects. In order to avoid the project falling upon the leadership board of the group, worksheets were developed to show students how to request that people within their focus group would go out and try to achieve small goals as a team to bring together the overall picture. This managing style promoted significant small group leadership.
I also helped write grants for the Museum for Kids Art MOKA. While a leader of the organization, I led and maintained the following events on the University of Rochester Campus or within the Rochester community.

The group also hosted a range of other projects including:

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