Anti-Ghosting UHF Antenna


Here was my original problem:


   The BellSouth building on the left, and the Nations Bank Building on the right are two of the highest buildings in downtown Atlanta. 

See that narrow gap between them?  That was my aiming point.








Because of the narrow gap between the buildings the television signal bounced around downtown Atlanta creating a condition known as "Multipath" or "Ghosting", resulting in a very irregular signal, as seen on this spectrum analyzer.





 Here was my solution:


  I took a standard Winegard PR-9014 UHF antenna and suspended it inside a wooden frame using plastic zip ties.  I was careful not to make the box so small as to impede the UHF signal frequencies that I was interested in receiving. 



I then wrapped the wooden frame in aluminum screening with one end of the box open at the receiving end of the antenna to pick up the UHF signal. (Note the copper ground wire coiled up at the back of the box.  This is used to ground the screen and any interfering multipath signals from reaching the antenna inside.)



The plastic zip ties insulate the antenna from the screen as seen here.






With the antenna just sitting flat on the roof of the Rich Building I now get an almost textbook signal with no multipath distortions. 


It's not pretty, mainly because it's just a prototype, but I think you'll agree it gets the job done. 



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