Prism Web Pages | Documentation

Prism Web Pages allows individuals to publish web pages on the Prism web server,, using their GT Account's home directory on the Prism complex.

Getting started

A step-by-step instruction on setting up a new homepage can be found in the FAQ How do I setup a new homepage on the Prism Web Server?, but the general steps are:

PHP, MySQL, ruby, etc.

Due to security, support and load considerations, the Prism webserver only serves generally static HTML content (see Server Side Includes below). Users wishing to create dynamic web sites using scripting/programming technologies should look to either a commercial web hosting service or to the group Webhosting (see below).

Server Side Includes

The server supports the NOEXEC set of server-side includes. This includes the directives "#config", "#echo", "#fsize", "#flastmod", and "#include". The "#exec" directive is not enabled. Any HTML files containing SSI directives will need to have a file-extension of ".shtml" instead of the normal ".html" in order for the directives to be recognized by the server. Full documentation of server-side includes can be found in the Apache server documentation.


OIT provides a CGI binary for sending web page form data through e-mail in one of several formats. Mail can only be sent to Georgia Tech addresses. Please see the mailform man page for more information.

SSL (secure web serving)

The Prism web server provides for SSL serving of pages, via the standard HTTPS protocol. To access your PRISM Web Pages via SSL, simply use the https:// prefix to your URLs, instead of the usual http:// prefix. The SSL certificate used by is a standard commercial CA certificate that should work without complication on all web browsers.

Web hosting for groups

Prism Web Pages is for individual use only. For information on Web hosting for groups, see either: