Khaled K. Saab

I am currently a PhD student at Stanford University in the department of Electrical Engineering starting the quarter of Autumn 2017. I have graduated with a B.S in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech.


[1]. K. K. Saab, S. S. Saab, Jr., A Stochastic Newton-Raphson Method with Noisy Function Measurements, IEEE Signal Processing Letters , vol 23, no. 3, pp. 361-365, 2016 [PDF]
   o Keywords- Newton-Raphson method, stochastic optimization, noisy function measurements

[2]. K. K. Saab, S. S. Saab, Jr., Application of an Optimal Stochastic Newton-Raphson Technique to Triangulation-Based Localization Systems, 2016 IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium , pp. 981-986, April 2016, Savannah, GA [PDF]
   o Keywords- Newton's method; localization; relative location; anchor free; stochastic optimization

[3]. Samer Said Saab, Jr and Khaled Kamal Saab, A Positioning System for Photodiode Device Using Collocated LEDs, IEEE Photonics Journal, vol 8, no. 5, October 2016 [PDF]
   o Keywords- Positioning system; visible light communications; light-emitting diode; received signal strength

[4]. K. K. Saab, Estimation of Cluster Centroids in Presence of Noisy Observations, 2016 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference, Nov. 4-6, 2016, Boston, MA [PDF]
   o Keywords- machine learning; clustering; noise, k-means algorithm; stochastic optimization

[5]. A. Clements, N. Almakhdhub, K. Saab, J. Koo, S. Bagchi, and M. Payer, “Protecting Bare-metal Embedded Systems with Privilege Overlays”, 2017 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, May 22-24, San Jose, CA. (ACCEPTED)
   o Keywords—Network security; embedded systems; internet of things

MIT Conference2016 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference

PLANS Conference2016 IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium

[P1] Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) at Purdue University under Professor S. Bagchi’s supervision (Summer 2016)

Brief Description: I developed three realistic embedded software applications and experimentally showed the affect EDiVirt has on the performance and security of embedded systems. EDiVirt is a virtualization layer for embedded systems to enable security solutions on embedded systems which were originally designed for desktop systems.

   o Keywords— Cybersecurity, embedded systems, software diversification, memory virtualization

[P2] Opportunity Research Scholars (ORS) Program at Georgia Tech under Professor M. Davenport’s supervision (Fall 2015 – Spring 2016)

Brief Description: Our goal was to help prevent the formation of pressure ulcers for wheelchair users. We deployed pressure sensors on wheelchairs and determined a correlation between sitting behavior and pressure ulcer formation using signal processing and machine learning techniques.

   o Keywords— Signal Processing, machine learning, classification, supervised learning

ORS Group
ORS Team: [LEFT] Michael Moore (Mentor), Michelle George, Peter John, Dr. Mark Davenport (Faculty Advisor), Andrew Massimino (Mentor), Khaled Saab

[P3] Communication Project [PDF] (a design project in Communication Systems by Professor Gordon Stüber at Georgia Tech. (Fall 2016)

Brief Description: Numerically simulated a cellular CDMA-based navigation system proposed in a paper that received best paper award in 2016 IEEE/ION PLANS. The system employs CDMA base transceiver stations (BTS) with an auxiliary mapping receiver, which is used to estimate the BTS clock biases, and utilizes the estimates BTS clock biases and the pseudorange measurements to estimate the position and clock bias of a navigating receiver. Beyond the work presented in this paper, the impact of mapping receiver clock bias error on the navigation solution is studied, and intuitive solutions are also presented to overcome some of the proposed system setup restrictions.

   o Keywords— Navigation, signals of opportunity, cellular CDMA, software-defined radio

[P1] Senior Design Project: “Proper Techniques for a Perfect Squat: An Automatic Guidance System”

To use sensors and embedded devices to automatically give guidance on how to improve squat form. This will be attained by studying the universal characteristics of a squat form that prevents injuries, extract relevant features, measured with off-the-shelf components, such as pressure distribution on feet. The measured data will be compared with formed data clusters associated with perfect squat. This project will include deployment of sensors, programming embedded systems, signal processing, and machine learning. (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)

[P2] Digital Design Group Project

Built a simple computer using VHDL on an Altera Cyclone 2 DE2 board and implemented functions to move a robot to desired locations, scan and store object locations, and traverse to localized objects in a sequential manner. (Spring 2015)

In the demonstration below, the DE2 Bot moves in a straight line scanning it's surroundings using sonar sensors. The locations of the objects are then saved. Once the DE2 Bot reaches a wall, it stops and begins sequentially traversing to each stored location. In the demo below, my teammates foot was accidently stored as the last scanned location.

[P3] Programming HW/SW Systems Project

Programmed the pacman game in the C language and built circuit with ARM mbed, accelerometer, μLCD, pushbuttons, speaker and SD card slot to play the pacman game. (Spring 2015)

[P4] Digital Design Train Controller Project

Developed a state machine as a controller of two trains on shared track segments with collision avoidance using VHDL on an Altera cyclone 2 DE2 board. (Spring 2015)

[P5] Remote Control Light with Arduino

Set up a remote controlled lightbulb using an Arduino Uno microcontroller, IR receiver, IR remote, relay switch, LEDs, wires, and a lightbulb. (Fall 2015)

[P6] Physics Research Project for the IB Diploma

Finding an algorithm to determine the position of a tuning key, of a plucked string instrument, to a desired fundamental frequency.

Family picture
A picture of me and my family

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and then moved to Lebanon where I lived my youth and then moved to Atlanta, GA, for college education.

School   In Lebanon I went to the American Community School (ACS) at Beirut where I got my International Baccalaureate diploma.

Grad PicGraduation day

Grad Pic2Graduation day with the best friends

Band   At the age of 11, I joined the middle school band and began learning how to play the alto saxophone. At the age of 14 I joined the high school band where I started to participate in school concerts and graduation ceremonies.

Basketball   Ever since I was 10 years old I loved playing basketball. I joined basketball summer camps when I was young and eventually joined the junior varsity team at ACS at the age of 14. When I was 15 I got to travel with my JV basketball team to Jordan for a tournament. At the age of 16 I joined the varsity team at ACS as a center position. That same year we travelled to Portugal to play in a tournament and won first place! I also got the MVP award, which I would like to believe I got because of blocking Pau Gasol's (famous NBA player) younger brother.

Portugal TournamentAfter winning first place at the Portugal AMAC Basketball Tournament (2012)

Receiving MVPReceiving the MVP award at the Portugal AMAC Basketball Tournament

Traveling   I love travelling and discovering new places I have never been to. Some of the countries I have visited are France, England, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Jordan, Egypt, and Serbia.

MoroccoCamel ride in the desert in Morocco (2013)

SerbiaLAU Basketball team in Serbia (2014)

My girlfriend   I fell in love with my classmate, Noor Barrage, during my junior year of high school. Noor has made such a significant impact on my life. While we approached the time that Noor and I were going to leave one another for university, we decided to continue our very special relationship and do long-distance. To this day I am very proud of our successful long-distance relationship, which a lot of people would describe as impossible. It is a challenging task to find the time to talk to Noor with all the workload from Georgia Tech and the seven-hour time difference. However, I manage to keep Noor a major part in my life.

Paris with NoorVisiting Paris

London with NoorIn London during Christmas

Miscellaneous pictures

CampingHiking and camping in Lebanon (Summer 2014)

Paint PartyPaint party at Georgia Tech (Fall 2014)

Horse RidingHorse riding with Noor (Summer 2015)

Spring BreakSpring break at Panama City Beach, FL (Spring 2015)

Group of friendsSome of my closest friends (Winter Break 2016)

Basketball dunk
Jumping high for that dunk! (Summer 2016)

Email: khaled [dot] saab [dot] 95 [at] gmail [dot] com
GaTech Email: ksaab3 [at] gatech [dot] edu
Phone: (404) 834-3531