Liyan Xie


Liyan (Leanne) Xie
Ph.D. Candidate
H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering(ISyE)
Georgia Institute of Technology

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  • E-Mail: lxie49 [@] gatech [DOT] edu

  • Address: Office 415, Main Building, 755 Ferst Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30332


Advisor: Professor Yao Xie

My research interest lies in statistics and optimization, with a primary focus on sequential change-point detection and their applications in sensor networks and industrial quality control.

I am very fortunate to collaborate with Professors George V. Moustakides, Professor Rui Gao, Professor Huan Xu, Professor Fan-Chi Lin, and Professor WenZhan Song.

Reading Group

Prof. Yao Xie and myself are co-organizing a reading group about Sequential Analysis and Statistical Methods for Machine Learning. Let us know if you are interested in attending and presenting.


October 2019, received the third prize for poster competition in Georgia Statistics Day 2019.

September 2019, enter into the finalist of 2019 INFORMS QSR best student paper competition for the paper entitled ‘‘Optimal Sequential Subspace Change-point Detection’’.

August 2019, selected as a runner-up for the INFORMS Computing Society Student Paper Prize for paper ‘‘Robust Hypothesis Testing with Wasserstein Uncertainty Sets’’.

August 2019, attended the Foundation of Data Science Summer School sponsored by the NSF TRIPODS Institutes at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

May 2019, received the Travel Grant from the ISIT 2019 conference, and will present the paper “Asynchronous multi-sensor change-point detection for seismic tremors”, joint work with George V. Moutakides and Yao Xie.

May 2019, presented a poster “Robust Hypothesis Testing Using Wasserstein Uncertainty Sets” in WuFest and won the best poster award.

February 2019, attended the 14th CSL Student Conference held in UIUC.