About Nicholas A. Kovacs
Bioinformatics PhD candidate | Data Scientist | Adviser: Dr. Loren Williams | Georgia Tech

My favorite programs

  • Anaconda2
  • Simplifies python modules management. Get the Python2 version, because thats what PyMOL uses. You can later install a python3 envionrment for use with TensorFlow and other Python3 modules
  • PyMOL
  • Molecular viewer that allows Python scripting. Uses Python2
  • PyMOD
  • PyMOL plugin that provides sequence alignment from structures
  • PyRosetta3
  • Python interface for the molecular modeling software, Rosetta
  • Mendeley
  • Journal article manager that should be downloaded on all your devices so that you have access to your journal articles anywhere. Also has a citation manager plugin with Mircosoft Word

    Install all of these in this order using the links I've provided


    Research projects:

    • Protein-protein interactions in biofuel pathways using the yeast two-hybrid method
    • Transcription factor binding differences participating in C3 and C4 photosynthesis
    • Molecular simulations of bacterial/eukaryotic homologous DNA-binding enzymes MutS-alpha and MutS-beta

    Graduate School

    I analyze the sequences, strucutures, and atomic interactions of complete ribosomal crystal structures which are composed of up to 5 nucleic acids and 80 proteins. In bacteria, ribosomes have 1.5 million interactions between 500,000 atoms. In mammals, ribosomes have 2.5 million interactions between 700,000 atoms. Within the sequence, structure, and interactions of these ribosomal protiens is the history of protein folding, the origin of life, and interaction sites that can be exploited for the development of new antibiotics and cancer therapeutics.

    My PhD committee is composed of PI's from the departments of Biochemistry, Biology, and Computer Science, their expertise is in:

    • Structural Biology
    • Computational Genomics
    • Drug Discovery
    • Network Science
    • Prebiotic Chemistry

    Aspirations after Graduate School

    Combine data science, bioinformatics, and data visualization to have a positive impact on the world.